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Stuttering has a Physical Cause

– It is NOT a Psychological Problem!


It’s not your fault!

Learn about the evidence-based options for stuttering therapy today. There are effective, researched-based stuttering treatments that work.


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Stuttering Therapy for Teenagers and Adults

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About Power Stuttering Therapy

Mark Power M.A., CCC-SP is a speech pathologist who has specialized in treating people who stutter for the past 25 years. Mark has been awarded Board Certification in Fluency Disorders by the American Speech Language Hearing Association and has served on its Task Force for Fluency Services in the Public Schools. Mark was once a severe stutterer himself and is dedicated to providing effective stuttering treatment to all people who stutter

Stuttering Specialist

Mark Power, M.A.

Mark Power, M.A., CCC-SP,  BCS-F

Stuttering Specialist
Recovered Stutterer

ASHA Board Certified Specialist in Fluency (BCS-F)

Hi. My name is Mark Power and for 35 years I felt like a misfit and an alien. No matter where I went, I could not escape my stuttering problem and my hatred of talking. I hated the sound of my own voice.

For years I thought that this was something that I “just had to live with”, but it’s not! After 5 days of Intensive Stuttering Therapy, I found myself striking up casual conversations. Today, I can hold a conversation and say what I want to in any situation and you would never know I used to stutter.

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