There IS HOPE if you stutter

Did someone tell you that if you are an adult or teenager who stutters that you would stutter for the rest of your life – that the only thing you could do was accept it and try to feel better about it?

Don’t just “accept” your stuttering for the rest of your life – – effective, proven treatment programs are available.

Meet David…

 You’ve spent years going from one speech therapist to another for stuttering therapy. They tell you to just “breathe”, “relax”, “slow down”. It isn’t that your stuttering has gotten any worse – but it isn’t any better.

Learn about the “evidence-based” treatment options for therapy that can reduce or eliminate your stuttering.

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Board Certified Stuttering Specialist - American Board of Fluency and Fluency Disorders

Stuttering Therapy Provided by ASHA Board Certified Specialists in Fluency Disorders


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Stuttering Therapy

MPI  Stuttering Treatment for Adolescents and Adults

Learn How it Works 

All those times you have tried to get help to stop the stutter might have left your feeling only temporary relief followed by more frustration. Most Fluency Shaping stuttering therapy programs start by asking you to speak REALLY SLOWLY. When you start the MPI program, you are reading passages at a normal speech rate – right from the start. This way, you don’t have to correct for sounding unnatural at the end – so you never needed to change your speech rate during the whole program. Other advantages include:

  • Easy to use iPad or iPhone app that provides immediate feedback
  • No more complex explanations or directions
  • You decide how you want to make changes in your speech
Stuttering Therapy

Mark Power, M.A.

Mark Power, M.A., CCC-SP,  BCS-F

Fluency SpecialistRecovered Stutterer

ASHA Board Certified Specialist in Fluency (BCS-F)

Hi. My name is Mark Power and for 35 years I felt like a misfit and an alien. No matter where I went, I could not escape my stammering problem and my hatred of talking. I hated the sound of my own voice. For years I thought that this was something that I “just had to live with”, but it’s not! After Intensive Stuttering Therapy, I found myself striking up casual conversations. Today, I can hold a conversation and say what I want to in any situation and you would never know I used to stutter.

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